Virtual Office

Many small businesses are discovering that outsourcing the management of accounting is the smart solution. Rather than wasting time (and money) paying bills, chasing accounts and reconciling bank statements, outsourcing gives you the ability to run your business free from the headache of paperwork.

Business Bookkeeping with Personalised Service

  • Access to a full-time staff member at a fraction of the cost
  • Franchise specialist with over 12 years experience in hospitality and retail industries
  • Pharmacy, cafe and restaurant specialist
  • Bookmarx are the accounts office for businesses all over Australia

Cut Costs and Save Time

Outsource your accounts and reap the benefits

  • Access to a full-time staff member without the high costs
  • Prices and services tailored to your individual needs
  • Reclaim valuable office space and save on rent
  • Access information on demand
  • Know the job will get done at a set cost
  • Get on with running your business knowing the paperwork is under control
  • Never worry about training accounts staff again

What We Do For You

Our cost-effective systems and efficient team can provide the following:

  • Process Your Payroll
  • Provide Staff Contracts and HR Services
  • Manage Superannuation
  • Pay Creditors
  • Take Phone Calls from Creditors
  • Reconcile Bank Statements
  • Liaise with your Accountant
  • Assist with budgets, business systems and financial goals.

We Know Business

After more than 12 years of managing paperwork for many businesses, we have observed and learned from common pitfalls and successful strategies. Some of these include:

  • Accounts departments can be expensive if there is no fixed cost
  • It can be difficult to supervise staff and ensure the quality of their work
  • Business owners get bogged down with paperwork – often in their home office
  • Home privacy is compromised by having the business office there
  • It is easy for accounts staff to fall behind and produce sub-standard work, which then costs a business owner thousands in hiring an expert to clean up the mess

How It Works

When you outsource your accounting to Bookmarx, you simply give us your piles of paperwork. Our team is experienced in expertly managing large volumes of files, from accounts receivable and payable to payroll, superannuation and taxation compliance.

We are set up with systems and procedures which allow us to deliver these services to the highest standards. This means you can enjoy running your business, knowing that your books will always be in order. However, it doesn’t mean you lose control – in fact the opposite is true. At your request you can have access to all documents. With accounts that are always accurate and up to date, you can enjoy the confidence of making properly informed decisions.

We are able to set up a direct phone line for your business to contact us on as well as a personal email address if required.


At the moment you are paying a full-time staff member a salary plus 9% superannuation plus workers compensation. Bookmarx can offer you a management service without the added extras of superannuation and workers compensation.

All of our services are available to you for a set fee. The larger or more entities you have the more we can save you money. If you are a smaller firm we can do the work for a set hourly fee. The fee really comes down to the size of your business and we are happy to discuss a package that will fit within your budget.

We have packages ranging from $120 a week upwards.

Our Guarantee

If the service is not what you expected and you feel it is not working, we are able to offer the change back to your office environment at no cost.

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