HR Stuff – retaining staff

Many successful business owners will tell you to get a good team for your business. The right staff member/s can make or break your business. I recently completed a HR (human resource management) course at Griffith as part of my MBA studies and there were a few things that stood out to me as a small business owner. Many of us have a small number of staff, but if you have say five staff, each of them is a approximately a fifth of your business. That is a huge chunk. However, many do not realise that it is important for you to get the best possible staff member you can get for your business. When you advertise for staff, it is ideal to get the biggest pool of people and choose the best person for your business. Time consuming, but with long term benefits. The other thing that is common with small business owners is they give jobs to people they know. Whilst this can be ‘easy’ taking the headache out of recruiting, it can also be a disservice to your business, not allowing you to have the best possible staff member for your business.

Remember the right staff member can take you to new heights or can leave you wading around in the mud always sorting out messes. Another thing that is important is retaining staff. If you have a great staff member, rejoice and make sure they know it. Everyone wants to feel valued, so say thank you, take a bigger interest in them, celebrate achievements and goals attained because if they don’t feel valued or that they are taken for granted, they may end up leaving you and that will be very costly for your business. The costs involved in recruiting and retaining far outweigh the costs in making your staff feel appreciated. If you are looking to get some more staff, call Ash from On Q Human Resources, they are a government funded group that can assist.