Management Tips – time & money – victim or in control

Most people are struggling with one or both – time and/or money. The reality is – maybe these things are areas we will always have trouble with. I think  it is very easy to take a ‘victim’ mentality about them. Questions such as “where has all the money gone?” and statements such as “I am so busy all the time” all contribute to having a victim mentality. I believe these things will always raise their heads and cause us problems, but I also believe we have to continually be working on ways to be in control. This should be part of our personal growth as people and small business owners.

Take Control

TIME – there are many books and people offering advice on how to make better use of your time. The bottom line is – you HAVE to manage your time well, so work out SOMETHING that will work for you. If your time is limited, make it part of your weekly management to plan your week. Write down everything you need to get done and lock in a time to do it.

MONEY – instead of standing there scratching your head wondering why you don’t have any money, take control and know exactly where your money is going. If it’s not in the bank, it’s either not coming in due to lack of sales, or it is going out somewhere on expenses and overheads. Start to understand where it is going. Make decisions based on where the money is going. If you are expanding your business, work out if you can afford this or if you need to look at ways of funding growth – if you are living beyond your means, work out ways to tighten the belt or earn more money to support your lifestyle.